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Кризис в профессиональном корейском Бадук

John Fairbairn сообщает(сообщение от 2009-03-24):

Reading a Japanese report, I gather that the credit crunch in Korean go may be even worse than what I've seen reported within Korea.

In the whole of February, 70% of the 235 pros didn't have a single game (and thus no income). Even famous pros Cho Hun-hyeon and Yu Ch'ang-hyeok only had one. In good times any pro can usually count on almost one a week.

If it had not been for the BC Card Cup bucking the trend, things would have been worse. It seems the Etland Cup and Kuksu have been quietly dropped (along with the Baduk League, previously reported), while Kangwon World seems willing to continue some sort of sponsorship but wants to open its event (the Myeongin, from memory) to amateurs, this diluting the pro element. This has caused some sort of dispute which has delayed the event.

В кратце: 70% из 235 про не сыграли в феврале ни одной партии. Чо Хунхён и Ю Чангхёк - по одной. Имеется ввиду офицальные партии, который оплачиваются, а не какие попало. Турниры ETland, Kuksu скорее всего отменены, как и ранее Baduk League. Причина простая - финансовый кризис.

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