вторник, 1 января 2008 г.

Грустная статья

My two teachers, Mr.Roh Geun Su and Mr. Kim Won who taught me Baduk, closed down their own private Baduk institutions this year.
Many children in Korea do not learn Baduk these days. They study English harder and harder since their childhood to go to Foreign Language High Schools. It is very difficult to go to top-notch universities, many parents cannot afford to let their children study Baduk.
It's a very serious problem that children do not learn Baduk. Children are likely to enjoy the Star Craft or many kinds of computer games.Adults say that children do not want to play Baduk because it is difficult for them to learn. There are many fun things on the internet. Baduk institutions are closing and Baduk books are not published.
Не первая статья на такую тему и думаю не последняя.

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