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100 Tips for Amateur players

Written by Youngsun Yoon
Translated by Seungjune Kim

Читать отзыв о книге

Как и обещал, привожу небольшой фрагмент из книги в виде диаграмм и пояснений к ним.
Кроме английского есть еще и корейский текст к каждой диаграмме, его набирать не стал. Диаграммы у меня выглядят немного не так как в книге - там их по две штуки на страницу если поменьше и одна если побольше(это начало главы). Приведены две главы Jeongseok 2 (первые 7 диаграм) и Jeongseok 3 (еще 5 диаграм).


Compared with the knight's move, one space enclosure is better for expansion and fighting.

Necessary extension.

If Black neglects A, White A is painful for Black.

An expert's old trick.

White 1 is a typical strong palayer's old trick.Black 2 and 4 are calm and good in this case. Then Black can either attack the two stones or play at A.


White 1 and 3 are too aggressive in this situation.

Enough for black.

Black 1 and 3 are correct here. Black 5 is tesuji. Then up to 7 the result is good for Black.

Strong influence.

With Black 1 and 3, Black can build up a large moyo. White 4 is normal here.

An irregular play.

Against White 1 there are three common responses. Refer to "Think like a pro hengma"


Black A used to be common. However, navadays Black 2 is very popular. It is normally played with the support in the bottom right corner. It focuses on the tempo on the side and in the center. White usually choose the next move beteween B and C.

Jeongseok 1.

Blacks pincer at 1 used to be popular. White takes territory while Black influence. However, make sure that a ladder is involved in this Jeongseok.

Jeongseok 2.

White's hane at 2 stresses on the center. The result up to Black 13 is playable for Black. Black 11 at 13 is also possible.

Jeongseok 3.

White 1 focuses on territory. Black's crosscut at 2 is a tesuji. The result seems to be a little thick for Black.

A ladder.

White 2 against Black 1 is very aggressive. Up to Black 7 a ladder is involved. You have to check the ladder in advance when you use side attachment Jeongseok.

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