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Paduk Gets Popularized

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Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- Social interest in Paduk (go) is growing as the days go by in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Paduk, a world intellectual game, is a traditional folk game of the Korean nation. It reflects the wisdom and talent of the Korean nation.
Recently, the "KCC Paduk" program which was developed by young scientists of Korea won the World Computer Paduk Championship again. The news has stirred up the interest of people in Paduk.
Citizens of all strata and children are engrossed in mastering Paduk in the Paduk Dissemination Room newly arranged at the Chollima House of Culture in Pyongyang.
Tens of children in the age of 3 to 6 are taking Paduk lessons at the training course for children there.
Many children have reached the tenth grade within six months after they started learning.
Ju Hyon Hak of Kyogu Kindergarten has obtained the third grade of amateur during ten months of attending the course.
Paduk amateur contests are regularly organized in the dissemination room. The contesters are awarded various amateur grades up to the fifth according to the rules of the Korean Paduk Association.
In an interview with KCNA, chief of the room Pak Mi Ok said: It is usual that trainees improve their skill one grade higher a year but some three grades higher thanks to their ardent enthusiasm of learning. Many efforts should be directed to learning Paduk as it takes a whole life to be versed into varied and complex Paduk tricks.
Paduk, tricks of which are profound and varied, complex and interesting, serves to develop intellectual faculties of school children and youth and working people and establish a sound social climate.

Т.е. до уровня примерно 5к по нашему доходят за полгода ?

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