понедельник, 17 сентября 2007 г.


The day before yesterday, I went straight to my school after losing the official game.
I was really sad. Everyone looked happy but I was not.
I just sat all day long. Finally I cried in the toilet.
I was defeated again. She was really strong. I did my best and I tried really hard, but I could not win.
I lost first and second game of the final, so I failed to win the title again.
At the first stage, I lost by a half moku. I made a big mistake, and that was why I lost the game.
I coudln't sleep well, but everything was too late. My mistake was not difficult to read. It was too easy one. Why I couldn't see it?
If I saw it, I could win by a half moku. Well, there is nothing I can do. I lost it, and that was my exact ability. I have to admit it.
That game is too painful to refresh my feeling. What shall I do?
Once I thought that I really wanted to give up Badook. How stupid I was!

Кто автор и про кого идет речь ? Обе девушки - профессиональные игроки в Корее. Играют, само собой, в badook :-)

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